Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Caring two hoots for the law

The building housing Fastrack, Harmony, SONY and other shops located next (next to the Begumpet Nala and Pantaloons) has been on fire from 8.30 am on Sunday, 27th May 2012. Seven hours later, the snorkel machine is still fighting the blaze. Old timers will recollect that at one time this building next to the old Times of India office at Begumpet used to house the Sanman hotel. Traffic from Rasoolpura to Greenlands is totally choked. Please take the Necklace Road.

Just yesterday, a transformer blast at Begumpet started a fire which engulfed an entire building (see picture on top). Fire department officials said the transformer was installed next to building instead of the mandatory 9 meters gap that needs to be maintained. Today this is the sight I saw: just 100 meters away from yesterday's disaster, a transformer was being installed inside a new building. What happened to the 9 meters rule? Will the CPDCL and AP State Fire Services answer this blatant violation of law?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A bottleneck set to go

Three contractors and two years after it all began, the small vent on the nala across the widened stretch between the old TOI office and Pantaloons at Begumpet looks like to be finally nearing completion. Once it is 'inaugurated', those driving from Paradise to Greenlands can expect a faster ride. Now talk of the work on the other side from HPS to Rasoolpura - the work on the drain at Kochar Apts and removal of Jabbar building bottleneck. I think we will need to get CBN back in power to get that done.

Monday, March 07, 2011

RIP - the Seven Tombs

The multi-storey erasing his-tory. The concrete jungle slowly but surely clouding the view of the Seven tombs and the Golconda Fort. That's how much we care for our glorious history. (Pic Courtesy: Kranthi Pothamsetty, GHAC)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Where is the Traffic Light?

Spot the Traffic Signal contest. The multitude of boards at Rasoolpura cross roads make it tough for drivers coming from Paradise to know if the signal has turned red or is still green.

A bridge to nowhere

A classic case of misplaced priorities. A 'state of the art' pedestrian crossing with a lift and escalator at Film Nagar. This is being built at a place where there is hardly any pedestrian traffic. We needed this structure near Shoppers Stop or Anand theatre.